Hey all. I’ve been a provisional member for a few months and have yet been able to attend any events and/or club meetings due to scheduling or lack of info. I’ve heard through an OSJ member on this forum that event info is, or should be provided through pm to members. Looking to get involved in big river clean up as well as the trail ride that weekend. I am looking forward to meeting you all and hitting the trails.

F’ing New Guy

Hi Jason,

Info on the trail clean-up can be found here:


Dates for upcoming events can be found on our home page (oceanstatejeepsters.com) and we will send PM/email prior to each. A bunch of us will be attending the Great International Beer Festival at the convention center this weekend (see thread in General section) Come on out if you are into beer!!

Lastly a couple of us will be going on a trail ride hosted by one of our sister clubs this coming Saturday the 9th. The property is in Winchendon, MA. Let me know if you can make it and I will check if space is still available. Trailer parking is available but the ground is soft and getting your tow rig stuck is a real possibility.

welcome Jason. well make sure to keep you informed on up coming events

Welcome to the forum

Thanks Eric for the invite, unfortunately for me I just checked up on the forum this morning…prob too late for the ride. Keep me posted on any future rides and hopefully we’ll see you soon