Event Attendance Policy

  1. For the purposes of this policy Member shall include both Members and Probationary Members as defined in Article 3 of the bylaws.

  2. For the purposes of this policy an Invited Guest is a person who is not a Member but who has been invited by a Member to participate in a Club Event.

  3. A Club Event is any event scheduled through the Event Committee that has not been opened to the public (i.e. a Public Event).

  4. Attendance at Club Events shall be open to Members and Invited Guests.

  5. Members who invite guests shall be responsible for the actions of their guests.

  6. Members shall be given priority on a first-come, first-serve basis when attendance at a Club Event is limited.

  7. Invited Guests shall be allowed to drive their own vehicle at one (1) trail ride event per twelve (12) month period with the exception that vehicles owned by Invited Guests who belong to an NEA-affiliated club may participate in any number of trail ride events.

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