easy snow run


And I was hoping our snow would be gone by then . . .

Depending on the location and if I can break the bucking bronco out of my ride then I will be interested. On the other hand, if anyone else from OSJ wants to go I’ll offer to ride shotgun and be the photog.

:sunglasses: Keep in mind, this an NEA fundraiser!

We will be going, you can ride shotgun with us if you want to.

-Jacob Gomez

i just bought my new xj yesterday so i will prolly be in. just depends on if i can get outta work then. should be enough time to figure it out

I plan on attending

i’ll be in NYC celebrating my bday

JUST TO MAKE SURE THIS IS CLEAR … You must send an email to the address below and tell him that you would like to be added to the Snow Run. State that you are a member of OSJ. He will send you back a response to indicate that a space is reserved for you. Please make sure you are sure you can make it before you request a spot.

“the $10 donation will be collected the day of the Event. You must E-mail me at PatriotJeepers@aol.com to sign up. We have 8 signed up so far.”

I believe there is a limit of 20 jeeps.

10 now.

Still no location though . . . .

I beleive that will only be disclosed to those who participate. I think it will be in the NW Rhode Island / Ct area. Axle may have a better idea.

Hmmmm. Sort of like a blind date . . .

just sign up, we’ll have fun! maybe we can end up at my rock garden? :smiley:

Jeeps not running so great at the moment and not sure I’ll get the gremlins worked out in time. If the location is close I might roll the dice. Otherwise I’m a passenger. Either way I want to participate.

can’t get closer, its RI.

I signed up. It will help motivate me to get working. Please, please, please don’t be the fuel pump. . .

Ok you guy’s talked me in to it :laughing: im in :sunglasses:

i signed up as well

I just got a message from Rich (Patriot Jeeps) that the run is now full. Hope y’all got signed up before the run filled. If you did not get the message already then you are on the standby list.

im in. they said to say i am # 19 whatever that means :smiley: