Driveshaft shops

I bent my rear driveshaft this weekend. I need it re tubed any suggestions on a driveshaft shop?

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333 Waterman Ave
East Providence

Thank you!

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Order an adams drive shaft. Lifetime warranty even with trail damage

Just spoke to Adams, lifetime only for welds breaking. If bent, they would help out fixing it.

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I know this is an old thread, but anyone know what happened to RI driveshaft off Jefferson BLVD? they are gone and i need some work done. I will try cockcroft in providence.

Businesses go under when they have bad owners.

Yup. I’ve waited weeks for RI Driveshaft to build me a driveshaft. Cockcroft once build me one while I had a beer and burger for lunch across the street.

Another great option is Overland in Montville, CT.

The reality is that, depending on what you need to have done, it is cheaper to get a new shaft from Adams or Tom Woods, then have a local shop do the work.

I needed to have my double cardan repaired (inner yoke bent). I was charged $425 for the work.

I could have gotten a new one for less.

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