Drive shaft shop

Anybody know of a good drive shaft shop other than R.I. drive shaft ? I need a new front drive shaft made up quick, I am going to GTD this Saturday and want to do the rock garden etc. But I snapped my front shaft in the cj. Any info would be great thanks … ft-company
or maybe jeeps unlimited for another shaft?
whats wrong with RI driveshaft?

Cockcroft in East Prov.

333 Waterman Ave, East Providence, RI 02914 401-438-3650

They are quick, have great service, and are reasonably priced, vs. the other shop. I have used then a few times.

edit: Axle and I must have been typing at the same time!

Cockcroft generally builds me a driveshaft in less than a day.

P.S. Hopefully the member benefits director can chime in but I believe they started offering OSJ members a discount.

Ok thanks maybe i’ll try cockcroft out, I just dropped it off at R.I. waiting for them to call back with a price. I have always used RI in the past, they built this shaft for me last year and the second time I used my jeep I was backing up a obstacle when the shaft let go. The pipe let go INSIDE the weld at the yoke, looks to me like there was very little penetration to the weld. IMHO the failure was due to poor workmanship. I have never had a problem with them before so I’m waiting to see if they will back up their work, if not East Providence here I come. Thanks for the input and help. P.s. longer than stock shaft so a used replacement isn’t an option unfortunately

I’ve also used RI Driveshaft many times. No problems with quality but the turnaround time has never been good.

he told me next time someone comes in to tell him to set something up but he also said the prices he gives are generally the best he can do. i had my rear shaft completely rebuilt including the slip half of the driveshaft. it cost me a couple bucks but he had it done the same day i dropped it off.

Gene, has a Tom Woods and from what i remember it shipped pretty quickly.

Cockcroft told me the same when I called for my rear shaft, that they are giving the best price. They however were near $400 to build it. I in turn went to lakeside (i think is the name) in assonet mass for half the price. Quality seems good too.

RI Driveshaft buys all thier parts from Cocroft in EP. In my opinion, RIDS hasn’t been the same since the flood.

Well RI backed up their work…kind of. They did admit the the welding looked suspect so they offered to re-tube it for half of the normal price. We will give it a shot but if I have another problem, i’ll have to look for another route. Thanks to all who replied and offered suggestions.

glad it worked out. I also found these guys, never used them though;
Tefft Auto Repair, 13 Industrial Dr, Exeter, RI 02822
(401) 385-3807 repairs & custom driveshafts