Drive shaft shop

Does anyone know of a good driveshaftshop in ri other then ri driveshaft. I picked up a free xj front shaft, I wanna cut it down fora spare rear. Ive used ridribe shaft and they sucked. So if any one knows a good place or can cut and weld it let me know. I would but I have a 110 gassless mig.

Cockcroft in East Providence. Right acress from Advance Auto. They will turn jobs around in 1/2 a day usually.

How ars they on prices

Better than RI Driveshaft. I’m thinking it cost in the $70-$80 range to have them shorten a driveshaft.

I think you can shorten it yourself. I’ve done it before. Just make sure the yokes are in phase which you can easily do on a flat bench. A 120v welder should be plenty since the tube is 0.120" or less. Should be plenty good enough for a spare.

I have a chop saw if you want to get a good square cut.

Yea do you have a flat bench also lol. I dont have a garage anymore.

No bench.

Even just a flat piece of steel would work.