Does any one know if my rear drive shaft out of my 1998 TJ with the Dana 35 will fit the 2001 TJ Dana 44 that i just bought.I heard that the drive shaft for the Dana 44 is one inch shorter than the one for the Dana 35. :confused:

try it. :smiley:

i think the tcase is different on the Rubi’s thats why there is a shaft difference. like axle said, try it out.

The Dana 44 is out of a 2001 Tj Sahara,not a rubicon. :confused:

The D44 will have a slightly longer pinion gear so probably the driveshaft will be too long. While you are at it I would recommend installing a SYE (from Crown or JB Conversions) and then having a driveshaft built to specification. I can help with the SYE install.

Thanks Eric that is somthing to think about.I was thinking that the drive shaft might have a slip joint but im not shure how much if any i can shorting it just to make it work for now.

just be sure the shaft won’t “bottom out” or “pull out”

measure it :laughing:

With the 4 inch lift i might be ok. :confused: