Door surround question

I’m looking at picking up a soft top for my tj. If I have full hard doors do I need to have the door surround pieces in order to ensure no leaks or am I fine without?

the surrounds where for the factory soft top, most of the aftermarket soft tops have them built in in one way or another

i think 05’/06’ are different because thats when they came out with the soft top that you can drop without even getting out of the Jeep. so with those i think you need the surround but i’m not sure because i have the older style top that i got it for free.

It’s a factory top from an 05 but the guy said it doesn’t come with the surrounds, implying that they were needed. Just didn’t know if that was the case for only soft doors or if they were needed with full hard doors as well.

i think they are needed with hard doors as well. you can usually find a set used if you ask around

the door surrounds are needed for both full and half doors, with a soft top…

I have an 05 and they were not any different from the other tj surrounds, but then again the sun rider soft top was an option i believe

if you run with out them, you will have leaks, but they are minimal

This time of year I.don’t think any leaks are minimal lol.

The surrounds seem to run about $100 used. The guy is.asking $250 for the top and frame so I’d be looking at close to $350 for all of it.

Worth it?

as long as its not close 5 years old, mine started to circle the toilet right around then lol

and from what i’ve read that is kinda normal…

I think it’s a deal, a new top is like $1000+

i would agree. i have a pre 04’ Bestop on mine which is a 06’ and that thing is still holding strong after being well used. It leaks a little but whatcha gonna do…

Ive got a set of door surrounds if you need them. pm me

so I did end up picking up the top but after looking into it, it’s a Bestop Sunrider ( the one that has the front section that folds back like a sunroof).

Problem is, it’s for a 2003-2006 so it’s not going to fit mine.

If anybody is interested the guy gave me all the brackets, the frame and the windows that were new last summer.

I’ll post something up in the for sale section as well.

I’m just looking to get the $250 for it that I spent.

give me a call if you still have the top i have a friend looking for one 4015786184