Do you think these will work with my Front fenders?

I found these online. I hate the way my front inner fenders look and found these. They say these work with the metalcloak fenders. But i think i can fig them out for mine. Just wanted to get some input … p/3290.htm

That’s a tough call considering that your new fenders replaced your stock ones… See if you can get the install directions from them and take a look at how they have you mount them and if it would be possible

what do yours look like now?

Derick, its a part of the old inners and the new ones. The instructions they give you to cut your OEM ones were very vague. I got them holding together with Zip Ties, if we didn’t live in New England i would just rip them all off

Have you thought about going to Home Depot and just buying some sheetmetal, bending it to fit and just paint it? That could be the cheepest and easiest way to go.

I have, just no skills in sheet metal lol, i don’t want to make it look worse lol