dial indication torque wrench

Was driving my Jeep the other day and my rear drive shaft popped off. Because of this happening one of the tabs on the yoke that holds in the u joint broke off. I am going to try to replace it Thursday night before Fall Crawl but all my tools are locked up in the storage shed. If anyone as a large socket set preferably a 2-5/8" socket. And a torque wrench so that I can get the pre load of the axle I would greatly appreciate it.

I can believe 1 5/8". I should have the socket and a big breaker bar. My torque wrench is broken.

My socket sets run up to 1 1/2 SAE and 38mm metric. Don’t remember what size nut was on the yoke when I changed the pinion seal, but it was definitely in one of the sets. If you still need sockets I can meet up at some point before Thursday.

Chris, you got mail.

It probably is. The only reason I said 2-5/8" was because when I did a search for the part on Amazon it also suggested two sockets with that size.

Dident your drive shaft fall out at the camp n wheel :sunglasses:

i can swing by tomorrow after work with my tools, just let me know. i’ll pack them in the jeep tonight

Yea, that’s what I remember. It just fell out . . .

Yea that’s what I remember too. That was because of the bolts backing out. As I continued to proceed down the trail I banged up my drive shaft so much that I had a wicked vibration on the way Home. I then continued to just keep driving on it and if finally caused one of the bolts to snap at the yoke going down the high way.

thanks for the offer but the Jeep is at my parents house in Worcester, as I am living with a friend until I am able to move into my new place.