Design Idea for a Basket

I need opinions on this simple mock up of a galvanized pipe basket I was thinking about over the weekend.

The concept looks OK.

Never been a fan of roof mounted spares. Not only do they affect mileage but weight that high is very noticeable in off camber situations.

i think u shoud lift it first

Looks nice but i agree with eric. Its asking for trouble having all that weight up there.

Thanx for the input guys I was wondering because I was teetering on the idea due to the angles I hit this weekend.

And it gets even funkier when you lift that badboy up a bit

Yeah I have an internal Storage box I am going to Mock up shortly for my tools and stuff but my spare needs to go outside the Jeep somewhere.

I concur spare on top will add to a higher center of gravity. Look around for a older (early 90’s style XJ) rear swing away if you are keeping a stock rear bumper, That’s what I used on my 98.

I hear you on that and the Stock swing away looks easy to mod onto my back and will work for what I want on the near factory look. I will have to hit the pick and pull’s and see what they have for the swing away.

It bolts right to the the bumper with little effort. The biggest thing is reinforce the inside of the rear hatch with a plate and add a support to the outside bracket. And its gonna make a great place to mount a CB antenna that protects it a little on the trail.

For the Hell of it(cuz i have too much time on my hands right now) I looked up on a National Boneyard data base for a carrier. The closest I found was 1-800-366-1798