Dana 44a shafts

I just got a blown Dana 44a limited slip axle from a 5.9. Does anyone (Eric) know if the shafts are the same as a Dana 44a non limited slip

rich (rocklobster) may also be able to help. i know he went through hell trying to get the correct shafts for his 44a

If you are looking for spares I happen to have a set.

I expect the zj shafts are the same. Riches issue was the wj d44a with the quadra drive rear axle which has different shafts.

I just got a set from a 5.9 zj Just wanted to make sure they would fit before I take mine apart to change a bent one

I’m trying to visualize how you could bend a shaft and not damage the housing . . .

Well it’s either a bent shaft or a bent rim. But when your driving you can see a wobble in the tire.

bent mounting flange in the axle?

I had this issue a while back with one of my dana 35 shafts, swapped it out and the wobble was gone.