dana 44 diff cover

anyone have an HD diff cover they want to sell or trade for some thing give me a yell Thanks :smiling_imp:

check Solids site. probably the best and least expensive deal around.

solidaxle.com/productcart/pc … Category=7

jpmagazine.com/techarticles/ … index.html

Thanks D , forgot about them, I had bought the one for the JK at the rally last fall.nice cover too, :smiley: ordered it this am

i was running one in the front before the ARB and i run one in the rear now. i never had any problems with either. but my ARB cover leaks a bit now. i usually just use RTV but this one came with the lube locker gasket so i think that might be the problem.

yeah the price was great , like 84 bucks shipped, ran in to all kinds of snags with the front end, the new slotted rotors rubbed on the tie knuckle, had to go with 88 xj rotors got that licked, then the us alloy seal kit won.t work with the yj pass side dissconect axle due to the diameter of the outer shaft, took the seal out of the housing and going to have the housing machined out a little bit. its buttoned up for now. odered the posi lock cable 107.00 on ebay score!! going to make my own stem to eye brackets sunday and run the rubicon exrpess xj rear shocks in the front gonna have about 10 inches of travel :smiling_imp: take a ride by if you are over this way