Dana 35 question

I noticed today that my pinion seal on my dana 35 is leaking. Its the original d35 in my 98 with 3.73 gears with limited. How difficult is it to replace the seal? Never done one before… Also, there is a lot of play in the axle when I turn the drive shaft by hand… Is it difficult to adjust these?

seriously, swap in a better axle. the 35 is not worth the effort. (imho)

Agree… which axle is the preferred one for 33’s but also 35’s as I will be going to them eventually

Dana 44 or Ford 8.8

it is easier to find and less expensive to go 8.8, but a 44 would work

There are 2 tj dana 44’s at Jeeps Unlimited w/3:73s, $750. a little pricey, but bolt it in and go. :wink:

I was just gonna post about this. Considering TJ brackets for a 8.8 are ~$250 plus all the labor of welding them on, the fact that the 44 can bolt right in is worth paying a bit extra for.

just go there and talk to them chances are you can get a better deal than $750. thats about what i had in my 8.8 swap but the extra gearing was key for me.

$750 for both? I’ve seen junkyards selling them for $1,000 each.

they have them listed on craigslist for 800.00 each… both with 3.73’s. I think I am going to keep looking for a D44 with 4.10’s and then convert the front to the HP30 with 4.10’s as well.

only the rear has the 44. the front is a LP30

if you are thinking of going to 4.10 just get an 8.8 for $150 and have the brackets welded on. Jamie got his under his jeep super cheap

You are not going to find a D44 set up for a TJ with 4.10’s unless somebody did a gear change. And this would be very unlikely because they came with 3.73’s and I can’t imagine why anybody would spend the money to go from 3.73’s to 4.10’s.

You should really be looking toward 4.56’s or 4.88’s; especially if 35’s are part of the plan. I’m running 4.56’s with 33’s.

I think the Rubi 44 came with 4.10s

Its super easy and the seal us only like $10. I can help ya if you want

each, 2 44 rears