D30 Pinion Nut

i need a pinion nut from a D30. i stripped mine out while doing my regear

i have a d30 410 pinion, with nutt that is going to gene. you can ask him fir the nut. i can try to get it to you some time this weekend

ya i need it like this morning… i will try to run up to Jeeps Unlimited this morning and see if they are open.

I have a few

i ran up to Jeeps Unlimited in Prov this morning and Ray hooked me up again. i should be good now. i’m going to just run with the pattern i have now on the regear. its about time to install this axle and doing some driving. i miss my Jeep.

Hope all goes smoothly now!

Ricky, i’ll give you a call in the AM and i’ll swing by and grab one of those pinion nuts. its the last piece of the puzzle.