D30 HP Wheel U-Joint help...

Maybe Im just retarded I dont know but Im having a problem here. Im replacing the u-joints on the front axle shafts on my XJ. What was supposed to be a 3 hour job is now turning into a day + job. First I got the wrong u-joints. I popped the old joint out and broke one of the caps. Then I bought some joints at napa. I went to install the new joint and broke one of the caps while putting the clips in. No big deal I went and got another one and it happened again. What the hell am I doing wrong? I dont understand?

Any help is appreciated. Be kind as this is the first time Ive ever done u-joints.



First of all it should only take an hour to replace the u-joints . . . :laughing:

Pictures would help. I can’t for the life of me picture how installing the clips would cause the cap to break. Once the caps are pressed in I can usually slide the clips on with my fingernails.

I broke the stock cap(208k miles on the stock u-joints…not too bad) and broke 2 more in the process…I cant afford to keep warrantying/buying new u-joints. It seems to be the same side that the stock cap broke on. The first 2 times I used the ball joint press to press the caps in and the c-clips were too thick. I tightened it and it snapped. The last one I just broke same deal except I used a hammer and a socket to put the caps on and the clip again was too thick and wouldnt snap in. Im at a loss here and never thought axle joints would be this much of a pain in the ass.

Stick in in a bench vise and put sockets on the caps (smaller then the caps) and press them together.

[size=150]Disclaimer:[/size] This requires a strong vise, I’ve broken wimpy ones before :open_mouth:


if I had a vice id be doing it there…but unfortunately Im working right next to the turd…no where else to work on it.

how about using a C clamp? i feel your pain though. once you get it you’ll be like, wow that was easy…

i’ll be rebuilding my driveshaft and maybe trail spare axle ujoint tomorrow. i’m hoping my second time around goes better than my first. try greasing the inside of the ears before installing the caps maybe some light sand paper to take off any burs or imperfections where the cap slides in. you’ll get it. if you dont, post up and i’ll see if i can swing by and maybe help you out. and i only buy Spicer joints 98% of wheelers if asked will tell you the same. Jeff at Crown usually has them on hand and for the best price around.

And BTW, make sure you get Spicer 5-760x u-joints which are the strongest you can get for those axles.

unless you have the smaller ujoints which are the 290’s i think and if thats the case go find a set of other axle shafts from a new XJ or TJ.

The ones I bought at autozone were the smaller ones…I went to Napa and got the “correct” ones that are the larger…Im pretty sure I have those. I just need these in so I can drive the rig right now. It was binding while turning and after 208k miles I can see why.

if you could get it here i’ed help you with it, just did mine few days ago

Well I kinda figured out the problem…first is that the u-joints I got from napa sucked balls. Either the cross was too big or the clips were too big. I got “Anti lock brakes” ones from AZ (I have a d30/chryco8.25 not d30/d35 combo) and they fit fine. I just have to put the rig back together and then take it apart in 10k miles(because the AZ u-joints will fail then haha)

keep me posted. id like to see how long they really last.

Will do. I just finished putting the truck back together…Im also battling a coolant leak(damn CSF radiators and their horrible packing methods bent the filler neck and I had to play with it the other day.) So if I get that fixed it will be a lovely day haha

ya, i’m going to go rip into my rear driveshaft… wish me luck. gonna go to AZ to rent the ujoint press first

good luck…just dont buy u joints from napa haha(unless they are spicers)

i used the Spicers i had for the frontshaft :confused: but one of the grease fittings was hitting inside the upper joint. i was looking around for the needle type grease fittings but no one had any. so i ended up buying a nongreasable joint from AZ and i’ll run that till it dies. its lifetime warranty, let see what they consider lifetime. its an easy one to get out so no real big deal.

if you have a problem with them and the AZ near you wont take em back drive to the coventry location and ask for john…tell him I sent you and he’ll take em back.