D-rug or not D-rug

The XJ I bought has a nasty dirty smelly rug in it. To those that have done it, what are the pros and cons of taking the rug out?


Its going to be loud and hot with out carpet.
Also have to hide wires that runn under the carpet.

Jonnyb had a rubber floor mat on his back floor and it melted after pulling the carpet!

Theres a lot of shit under a XJ carpet

Thanks guys. I’m glad I posted before I just ripped it out. Looks like I’ll clean it or replace it.


Wait… am I missing something? Matt’s XJ has NO carpet in it and it is NOT loud (no louder than any other XJ) OR hot. We painted the floor and it is just FINE. If you want to pull out the carpet, DO IT… it is a lot easier to take care of! :slight_smile:

It is definetly louder then a xj with carpet. Put your hand on the floor of the engine tunnel and tell me its not hot. Ive had 5 xjs two with no carpet there is a big diferance.

Plus side is it easy to clean it out with a garden hose.

This is not a DD, just a trail rig. So maybe I will pull it out.

You can ryno line it to deaden the noise and block some heat.

Most heat is on passanger side where the exhaust runs.

Thats what I did but used stuff called raptor liner