Custom TJ Swing Gate Hi-Lift Mount

Custom TJ Swing Gate Hi-Lift Mount

well i got a crazy idea so here it goes…

first i bought some 3/16" X 1 1/4" X 36" flat stock steel

and i measured…

and i cut 2 pieces @ 9 1/4" long

using a 13mm socket remove tailgate hinges

used a clamp to flatten bump

used mutiple clamps to mold flat stock

drilled holes using a 3/8" drill bit and a 7/8" hole saw

mounted for measurements

got measurments

burn the 1/2" X 2 1/2" bolts in place

please be gentle , im a self taught welder… need more pratice

mount and test

gate open

remove everything and paint

mounted again

one small detail…

now i need a wheel spacer to mount my spare :mecry:

ill post up more when i figure out how to mount my spare again, im thinking a 3/4" wheel spacer will work… but i thing that it coule be made with 2" bolts rather than 2 1/2" bolts and i think you could mount a spare… the bottom of the jack doesnt hit anything with the gate closed, and when the gate is open, it sits a hair under the tub coner. so right now im thinking that if i use shorter bolts and move the bolts 1/8 to 3/16" down i could mount a spare…but thats just a thoughts right now…

Custom TJ Swing Gate Hi-Lift Mount Part II

well got some rod couplings to use as spacers over my 1/2" bolts…

and i cut 'em down to 1 1/2"


heres what i used for the first style

using the sleeves let me move the jack about a half inch closer to the tail gate… making it possible to install the spare again… but i still need a spacer

you cant remove the jack without removing the spare…

locking lugnuts used to lock spare and high-lift

another open gate pic

hi-lift base trimmed a little so it cant possibly hit the tub

o yeah forgot to mention that the 48" jack sits about even with the jeep top…

also i finaly bought a hi-lift handle keeper… (not pictured but i do have it lol)