CT Native, RI Student

Hello all, just introducing myself. My names Beau out of Providence. Originally from the woods of Northeast CT, I’m going to school out here in the city. My poor jeep has become a Mall Crawler, and would love to get out of the parking lot and into the dirt.

My Jeeps a 2003 X with a 3 inch lift, 33’s, and a SYE/CV Shaft for the drive train. The rest of the mods are just cosmetic, since we all want our jeeps to look cool right?

And since pictures are a 1000 words, heres a shot

welcome to the forum. I like the Rubiclone sticker you have on the hood :laughing:


Welcome Beau

we have a trail ride coming up this weekend if your interested. just check out the events section of the forum and sign up.

Welcome to the forum, Beau. Nice to meet ya!

Welcome, love the sticker, might copy you :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Welcome, sweet decal