coming out of 4lo

So I finally had a chance to really look into my drive train issue.

It seems that I can shift into 4lo and it will engage, but any pressure on the drive train will pop it out out of 4lo.

By pressure, I mean I shifted into 4lo after jacking one front tire off of the ground and rocked the tire back and forth forcefully. (Engine running, transmission in neutral)

What seems to happen is it partially disengages and I get a free spinning tire with a noise the sounds like a locker when you are coasting around a turn. ( hard to hear the noise over the exhaust)

If I shift out of 4lo and back in I can repeat this ( locks into 4lo then rock the tire and partially pop out out)

I didn’t get to disconnect the linkage and manually switch it but I did watch the linkage while someone rocked the tire and popped it out, the linkage does not move at all.
My 4lo has worked fine on two other wheeling trips (g2 and sawmill) .

Any ideas?

probably just need to adjust the linkage do to the lift. happened to me a while back. try to adjust it and see if it will stay in gear for you

Now you can start to understand why I don’t have linkage.

When fully engaged the detent will prevent the t-case from popping out of gear.

tried everything I could think of to get the linkage adjusted
also tried manually engaging
No dice, all ranges other than 2as do not operate
I’m thinking my transfer case is shot
looking into a replacement, done wheeling for the season until I can repair it… :angry:

What are you talking about? The season has just started.

Just to clarify, you disconnected the linkage from the tab on the t-case, manually shifted into 4wd, and the problem persisted?

It can’t be that difficult to fix. Replacing the case could be overkill. Pull it, tear it down, and take a look. Could be something simple.

Yes, I disconnected the linkage from both ends and still no change.
If I messed with it and got it to lock up, shifting from forward to reverse would throw it out with no change in linkage position.
This occurs in all ranges of 4wd.

The repair will come down to two things,
Money and time.

  1. Even though I found one with super low miles for $250 (going rate) money is super tight.
  2. even if rebuilding it was cheaper, in my unfamiliar hands it would possibly take longer than a swap and
    unfortunately this is my only transportation.
    I WIll be doing my best to get it done, I have no idea how it got so fucked up