Codes Read

Does anyone have a obd2 code reader i can use, I would take the Heep to auto-zone or advanced but my death wobble has become far to dangerous.

you dont need one. you have a tj… … _codes.htm

That trick only works up to 96. He has an 02. After 96 they decided it was too easy for mortals to diagnose problems and made it so you needed a code reader or nothing.

not true… my 05 tj can and my 07 jk could do it

went to auto zone & got a loaner,
Pulling codes
P0161 02 sensor heater circuit malfunctionbank 2 sensor 2
P0204 Injector Circuit, open cylinder 4
P0351 Coil A primary/secondary circuit malfunction
P0352 Coil B primary/secondary circuit malfunction
P0353 Coil C primary/secondary circuit malfunction
P0340 Camshaft sensor A bank 1 circuit malfunction

Now the question is how the hell do i fix all this

if you’ve still got the reader disconnect the battery and clear the codes… fire it up and let it warm up to temp - you may not have all those as “problems”. If it read a fault it could be from a misfire / moisture / etc.

What’s it doing / not doing?

ill be going along & than just start bucking, or once & a while i will be stopped & when i get set to go ill stall when i get started again ill have to buck through the intersection’

I think that is my rear main leak all over my clutch components on top of the fact that it’s still the factory clutch (I started to pull all that apart today so i could see)

^ basically the same symptom I had with a bad O2 sensor. The wire got ripped off the sensor. It drove OK for a while but recently started randomly bucking. New O2 sensor from Crown; no more bucking (so far!)

x2 - had the same thing on the way back from G2. Got under it and the ceramic insulator on the 02 sensor was shattered and the wire was gone! - think it may have shattered from dunking it in a waterhole after running all day and the wire got caught up in the drive shaft.

New 02 sensor and no more bucking.

i have already replaced the bank 2 sensor 2 twice.
one from auto zone the 2nd from the dealer so i think that problem may be something in the wiring

Try to check if coils are good or bad, spark could be jumping, don’t know if you have multi packs or just one, i had a big problem with my VW once that after trying this and trying that the coil pack was bad (in my case i had a six in one pack) was not cheap but that was the problem best time to see if its bad or not is at night with no lights, start engine and with a spay bottle lightly spay around the coil or coil packs if you see spark jumping then its no good, but with a little 3m silicone try to insulate where the problem is for a temporary fix :mrgreen: (just a thought of prior experience) good luck with it :slight_smile: feel free to contact me if you need any help :wink:

How ya making out there Jeff ?

I haven’t been able to get back to it yet.
I have the 6 pack coil rail on mine, i have a spar rail that i know works & i can throw on if need be.