Clutch is making horrible noises.

When I’m shifting, my clutch makes bad clicking noises until my foot comes off it and it’s completely in gear. This started last night, and seems to be getting worse. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a new one. I didn’t drive it today, and I’m not going to until I can get it fixed. I don’t have the room/tools/aptitude to take care of it myself, and I’m kinda in between mechanics right now. Does anybody know a good shop that will do the job right, and not screw me over?

Either try Cliffs on Arnold Rd in Coventry, or CPM - they give us a discount (also in Coventry).

Sounds like a bad throw out bearing, yes Cliff he knows his jeeps if that’s too far for you just bring it to a good tranny shop, just make sure you have that warranty in writing with who ever does the work :wink: