Clare Jeep Ocean Drive Cruise_August 18th

Hey Club,

It is about that time. This will be our first cruise event we are hosting in partners with Clare Jeep of Newport. It will be great to get full club participation with this cruise to show our numbers and to gain support for the off road community.

Let’s start to get a count of who will attend this even for OSJ or if you know anyone with a jeep that would like to take part in this!


Post up here if you plan to attend and cruise ocean drive!!!
this event will count for provisional members as a part of the requirement
1.) Jay (freejeep)
2.) Derick (derickw)
3.) Eric (technohead)
4.) Pete (00XJRI)
5.) ??? (98grand)
6.) Jamie (fourwheelerjamie)
7.) ??? (tad)
8.) Nelson (nelsonATC)
9.) Danielle (danielleV) MAYBE
10.) Pierre (Prmanzo1)
11.) ??? (90xj)
12.) JJ (jjbsilvia)
13.) Danielle (DanielleV)
14.) Mike (trowho)

JJ has opened his home to a PIzza night after this clare jeep event. If you are interested bring some cash to pitch in for pizza or bring food for a night time BBQ. Coolers will be provided by JJ but ask to bring a chair!

I wish I could participate but I am going Zip lining that day. If my plans fall through, I will be there.

the family and i will be there

Should be in for at least the early part of the day.

Attendance at the event will go towards Provisional Membership requirements to become a Full Member of OSJ

are we getting togeather for the ride down

Almost certainly we will have a convoy down. More importantly, what will we do after? Any suggestions for the after party?

I am in. For this

got my interest… :smiling_imp:

I’ll be there

I’m thinking BBQ somewhere?

I thought Kevin was having a BBQ on site? Whats the story with that?

yes, but a post drinking BBQ somewhere… where are you wanting to go? Red Parrot?

NO WAY, i’m not spending anymore money in that tourist trap. i can have people at my place but it’s no where near Newport

I won’t be fully settled in the new place just yet. Plus I won’t be in middletown after the first… LAME…

i’m in, and if need be i’m only 15 minutes from clare…

I’m in. sounds fun

im in

Hey all, I have 1.6 acres in Middletown, enough to park 15 or so jeeps and plenty of room for a small fire and coolers for food. If I can get an idea of how, I’d host a spot to hangout.

Anyone down for something that low key? I’ve got ice and a gas grill (and a strawberry field that we better not drive all over…) you tell me how we can fill the grill and coolers and I’ve got more wood than we can burn in 3 days… Doesn’t have to be a huge deal, but having a place to gather and have some drinks (and park) would be sweet.

Address is about 5 minutes from Clare.

Let me know, I’d be a hell of a lot cheaper than BAP or Red Parrot or any number of other crappy Tourist perches…

Thanks for the offer! Sounds great to me!!!