clam boil after party

post clam boil everybody is invited back to my house for a little party. i have a decent fire pit, and we can grill up some food as well. i’m only a five minute ride away from the clam boil venue. i can also offer “palatial” accommodations for anyone having too many one more one more. hope you all can make it

I’m calling the futon!! If I’m nice, I’ll let Eric on it too. Most likely, his drunken butt will end up on the floor anyway. :wink:

Can we burn your firewood?

Heh heh…

Well be there but not partying to much, got that bike run the next day

We will probably stop by for a little while.

i’m in it to win it, the grls are taking a separate car :smiling_imp:

I like your spirit

I’ll bring a tent and the air mattress…lol

the weather is looking much better thank god

I picked up a truck load of wood yesterday…

bring a chair for I have only eight or so

hope you all can make it

Keep in mind that we need to register for Fall Crawl at 8:00 pm. I hope you have a good wireless Internet setup . . .

ill be in block island, who cares

I would like to attend and meet some more of the group. Can you send me location.

Mike M are you going to the clam boil? You and you wife should def consider it.