Chris from Coventry

Back into a Jeep after 20+ years. Found this site searching around for information and local people.

Back in my high school days I had an 80CJ then when I wore that out moved on to an 83CJ8 , Wish I still had both to this day !!

Anyhow I picked up a 97TJ out of NH that has seen it’s fair share of abuse & the owner was just as abusive with his repairs. It has a 6" rough country lift sitting on 35’s. Between the high lift , short arms , not being installed correctly from the start & heavy use it’s a death ride over 40MPH! The suspension is just the tip of the iceberg but I have a dream and it’s going to get there come hell or high water or possibility both !!!

Glad to see a local group for the cause :slight_smile:


Be sure to email in an application:

Once received you will have access to the Event forum. Next trail ride is Sunday!!

Welcome and as Eric stated get your application in. Good luck fixing up the jeep… let us know how we can help


Welcome to the group.

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the group


Welcome…From Coventry too!

Welcome, you’ve must seen my XJ and it’s stinger around Coventry. I Live just past the ANG base

XJ’s are a dime a dozen…Now if you saw a bad ass Zombie Jk…this guy right here :laughing: . Welcome to the forum

Welcome to OSJ

Welcome to the forum.