Cherokee's Anynomous Johnston RI

Hello My names Matt and I am a cherokee addict
I currently reside in Johnston RI
I have a 96 blue XJ Classic.
4.0l and ax15
4.5" Zone Offroad lift.
32x11.50 BFG A/T On stock classic rims
4 Daylighter Long Ranges
custom front hitch bumper.

Recently I have Rebuilt my 4.0 and replaced my floor pans
Swapped the 96’s interior for the classic 89 interior with the bucket seats just yesterday

My fourwheeling Exp includes sand dunes, rock gardens, cliff edges, some mud and hill climbs.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome, nice to have another XJ :smiley:

Welcome. We have a trail cut with some wheeling scheduled for Sunday. Check events forum for details.

Welcome, another steel roofer, yes!

Welcome to the forum.


Another mall crawler…welcome

welcome Matt

Check out the rig as it currently sits

Welcome! You apparently live 3 houses from myself and barefootbob. (Green 4dr jk and yellow tj)

I’ve been meaning to stop if I saw you outside.

welcome to the forum.

Welcome fellow XJ addict


Welcome to the forum!

welcome aboard! Good to meet you today, and thanks again for showing up and helping!

I like how you showed up yesterday with a Cherokee and left with a trail rig.

Dents and scratches no big deal its a Jeep thing xD. the way i see it my goal is a DD trail rig. when something breaks upgrade

The only problem with that plan is the breaks come faster than the upgrades