Cherokee and Grand Cherokee parts

a buddy of mine is parting out a couple Cherokees and Grands. He’s been getting a lot of these lately so if you need something thats not on the list let me know and he might have something laying around

8 1/4 amc rear from 99 cherokee with spring over easy disc conversion i have the parts

ax 15 trans
ax 5 trans
aw 4 trans
disc conversion kit for dana 35, amc 8 1/4 , dana 44
242 t case
231 t case
231 21 spline t case
grand cherokee skid plates
front and rear shafts GC
4.0 engine
front seat GC
rear seat XJ
misc tires
4.0 intake complete
many ecms
ring and pinions with carriers
dana 44 373 carrier with ring and pinion

let me know if you need prices on anything and i can get you in contact with him.

amc 8 1/4=chrysler?

Torque rod for the transfer case linkage? A bushing on mine is shot causing the whole linkage to pull out of the mounting bracket. You don’t even want to know that the dealer wants for this part.

Might be interested in one of the 231’s as well. What year?

just waiting on word back and will let you guys know

oh and to add. i have front calipers and rotors as well as the stock tie rod and drag link setup

does this guy live off of warwick neck rd? if so I just bought a trailer hitch from the guy…he seems like a good dude.

Please let me know if he or anyone else in the club have any leaf springs for my Chief, just found out today that my main one’s are cracked :open_mouth: priced new one’s but just too much for me to afford right now, so im just looking to put in used one’s for now
Joe sr.

yup thats him, good guy and fair.

i’ll ask, are they the sames ones as cherokees?

hey joe, i have the stock ones that came outta my xj. they re sagging pretty bad but u can have them 4 free f u want em

Believe so Derick, i was told they were but if they are in good shape i can always measure mine to be sure,

Thanks Jonny i’ll take them, they gotta be better then the ones i have, for now they will be fine till i get a better set
Thanks again
please let me know when i can pick them up :slight_smile:

hopefully after the 26th I will have the set that are on my jeep now if you them. I bought them new 4 years ago when I first lifted my jeep. all you would have to do is remove th aal.

yup the guy seems like a good guy and from when i talked to him he did seem fair…i mean damn he gave me a trailer hitch for 50 bucks!

joe- pm sent

Thanks for all your help everyone :slight_smile:

some stuff to add

a complete 4.2 with a Ba 10 and a 231 tcase from an 87 yj runs strong and shifts very smoothIt,s all bolted together and ready to drop in . need 800.00

alright, you XJ guys… anybody want a set of rotors and calipers? some surface rust but look to be in good shape. $25 for everything.

i also have the tierod and drag link setup that’ll fit a XJ or TJ… trail spares… if you have bad tie rods… $20.

please help, i have no more room in my shed

i also have a completely stripped HP Dana 30… $25

i do have a bent tie rod drag link but im upgrading tuesday so i dont need it. couldnt escape carnage without some carnage. sorry im no help

If any of the WJ’s ever have the rear factory tow hook I am looking for one.


i’ll let you know if anything comes through. you can try crown automotive, they have a lot of factory replacement stuff and Jeff will give you a good deal.