CB Idea for Smaller setup / handheld usage

I been sitting with a bad nerve pain thinking how to get spotters to be able to communicate easier on the trail. I have found this in my meandering and totally forgot they made it. it is the Midland 75-822 dual use radio. It installs easily and in a tight space but also can be removed as a handheld unit for spotters / trail guides. If I get the extra this might become a spare installed in my XJ.


thats a pretty slick CB

I have one.

That’s a nice radio, but for me, I already have a setup in my rig I like.

What would you suggest for a low cost handheld CB that I could use out of my rig, but would still be reliable?

Honestly I suggest that one for handheld operations. Yes, it does have the added parts, it does comes with a rechargeable battery. Anything else requires 9-AA batteries and at the cost of burning out the batteries every run it is a waste to spend on batteries when we can get beers for that cost.

Do those little handhelds we have use the same frequencies as cb?

The one I posted does. The ones we use on the trail doesn’t due to FCC assignment. CB runs a 28-29 Mhz range and the handhelds we used at GTD are 145 - 147 Mhz range

I have one of those. they work kind of ok with out a real anterna