I am taking the CB out of my RV & putting it in my YJ to use when I go wheeling , when in the RV with the old antenna & coaxe cable my SWR is 2.5 when I put it in the jeep with new firestick firefly antenna & new coaxe cable , the swr is 10. any Ideas what could be wrong.

Hey man, unfortunately I can’t really offer much help but was wondering if you knew of anywhere local to get a black firestik? The exit 5 truck stop only has red. Also, if I find one and bring beer would you help me tune it?

I bought mine online_black. & I bought a SWR meter on line to. & yes when you pick up A antenna just come over. I am new to this whole CB thing myself. but I just found my problem with a little help from the internet. I had a dead short a the antenna mounting stud. MY MISTAKE. live & learn. . my name is AJ by the way.

Awesome AJ, I’m Alex. I wish I could offer more help, I just don’t know much about them. They let me communicate and bust balls on the trail, that’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject.

did you get it working right AJ? i think the antenna top has an adjuster as well

IT seems to be SWR is under 2. I adjusted the tnable tip, I had a dead short at the post. I had the poly washer on one side & the rest on the top. once I found a picture of the proper install I was all set. thanks. looking forward to meeting you all , if I ever get the ring & pinoion back in the front & the axle back in. I have a relative that is a mechanic for a living & is good with diffs. but his mom is sick & that has been takeing up his free time. but its not costing me anything but time so I can wait. I am thinking about going up to the jeep rally next sunday & meet some of you. jeep will not be done though. OH well. thanks again. AJ

ya, you should definitely try to make it to the rally. guys are meeting up on rt6 if not just come up. we’ll have a booth come by and introduce yourself.