CB Atenna?

I bought a Cobra 75 wx st but now need to know what to get for antenna and how long and is there anything else I need?

I like my 3’ fire stick. It’s adjustable too



I’d recommend 4’ for full body rig.

I just bought a 4’ fire stick

Does it need to be a certain height over the roof?

I believe the higher you can get above the roof the better
I have a 3’ firestik mounted to the tail lamp on my rig…puts me just over the hard top

That’s where mine is also. No issues with hearing clearly on the trail

Thanks for all the help guys. A 3ft Firestik it is.

Make sure you get the Firestik II which has the tunable tip.

If you are mounting it to the bumper then 3’ will not cut it, especially with a metal top. Wranglers have canvas/fiberglass tops which do not interfere as much as metal.

I did order a firestik II and I am gonna mount it off my swing away carrier so I can get it above the roof.

Two things I learned the hard way:

  1. Order a spring for the base or you’ll probably end up snapping it off on the trail one of these days.

  2. Figure in the height of your garage door before you pick a place to mount it.

My first antenna install lasted until I put the Jeep in the garage! :blush:

Thought I ordered a Firestik II but remembered I went with a Firefly instead for the flexibility and being adjustable. Hopefully it will work as well as a II and hold up better.

ah yes, the spring. I snapped my first fire stick, and reordered the second one along with the spring. I think ebay has 2-packs for the antennas for this reason

I have a 102" steel whip. The optimal full Wave-length Antenna is 103.2" or 8.6 feet. That is for channel 20, mid range transmit and receive. if you do anything shorter the antenna should measure within either 1/4, 1/2, 5/8 wavelength. A 3’ firestick would be in the 5/8’s range and being tune-able it will work perfectly.

I have dealt with a snapped 3/4 wavelength antenna on my first car because I didn’t have a spring and I hit a low bridge. Snapped the fiberglass core in half.

:open_mouth: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head!

I just push the little button and talk to the gunner, then let it go and listen to what he/she has to say! What happens in between the two I have not a clue! :laughing:


[size=150]EXACTLY[/size] what was going through my mind!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Keep in mind I think of complex things. The Tune-able 3’ Firestick would be best.