Cats are toasted....Federal Performance Warranty?

So I had the infamous broken weld on the heat shield of the JK, took it into Jim’s Custom Exhaust to have him find and repair the weld for me. In the process, he noted that all 4 cats are shot (rattling and turning blue when hot), as well as my manifold having a crack it in. Doing some research, replacing the cat y-pipe is not cheap! Seeing prices around $1600!!! :astonished:

Then I came across this:

It seems that major emissions parts are required to be covered by the manufacturer if failed within 8 years / 80,000 miles. WOW! This could be huge. Only bad part is this one clause:

"If your vehicle is within the age and mileage limits for the
applicable emissions warranty, the manufacturer can only deny coverage
if evidence shows that you have failed to properly maintain and use
your vehicle, causing the part or emission test failure. Some
examples of misuse and malmaintenance include the following:

* vehicle abuse such as off-road driving or overloading;"

Has anyone ever taken advantage of this federal law for their cats or other major emission components? Do you think I’m going to get denied due to off-roading or load with larger tires? I’m sure as hell not going to Paul Baileys, they refused to even sell me an extended warranty because I had a lift. I’m thinking of calling Claire Jeep, as JWO says they’re pretty chill with lifted jeeps and off-roading.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with this law and having warranty work done that is covered by it. Any comments are welcome, especially if from personal experience!

i dont but i would def. give it a shot. if you end up having to get a new system look at that’s where i got my system and was the cheapest i found. i installed it myself with no need for welding.

you can also try Metro in Johnston

I my dakota I was able to get the cat replaced under the fed standard,with vehicle being 5 yrs old, but I did not wheel it.

just tell them its a Mall Crawler. i see plenty of people in built up rigs that probably have never seen the trail

Off-roading can’t create all of that problem! Plus “TRAIL RATED” … Try it what’s the worse they can say? Try Clare jeep first since they know the club and are friendly with us…