My inspection is up in 2016, and at that point my YJ will be 25 yrs old. Can I skip the cat when I put a new exhaust in, or will it run funny/ mess with the computer? I think the DMV says when a vehicle is 25 yrs old you don’t need emissions testing. I’m getting my rebuilt 2.5 back this week,( that I bought off freejeep!), and before I drop it in, I’m going to get a new exhaust as well. Probably stainless and header while I’m at it. My exhaust is on the way out, so I figure I might as well do it now.
Also, any exhaust tips would be welcome, as well as tips on swapping in a new 2.5.

you can try it, as I did wheni had the 2.5…however it sounded like SHIT. I ended up putting a cat back in. I didn’t have a header, so not sure if that will help all all with exhaust note, but my guess you will experience no hp gains and the sound will prob annoy the hell out of you as it did me

Ok, thanks. I was just trying to save a few bucks by not buying a new cat. But if it’s that bad, I’ll just spend the $ Any recommendation on cat? I was thinking magna flow.

think that’s what I had. try running first without to see how it is. just be sure your delete pipe matches the length of what the cat would be, so if you decide to buy one, itll be plug and play. use torctite band clamps, you can get them from amazon for $10ea. they seal nice and make it easy to remove if necessary

I run the random technology high flow cat

Thanks man. Yeah… I’m not lookin’ for loud or noisy at all. I DO have to replace my exhaust tho, and I was thinkin to go stainless so I don’t have to do it again. And only thinking of skipping the cat to save money. Any opinion on headers though? It is a 4banger and any hp improvements will help. Eventually I will regear.