Calling TJ experts

Roxie mangled the transmission crossmember on her Jeep last weekend. Pushed the transmission up enough to cause a bad vibration and 1st gear to pop out. This is what happens when you are not paying attention . . .

Anyhow, there does not appear to be many available upon searching Jeeps Unlimited also did not have one in stock. Its not even clear to me if they are all the same. Does anybody know if there is there a difference between manual and automatic? Are Rubicons different?

I believe it’s what happens when you don’t want to go snow wheeling, and then 10 feet in your boyfriend ditches you and rides in someone else’s jeep.

Eric check out barns 4wd. The have them cheep. You might have to drill some holes for the trans mount. But its 1/4in plate and you can pick the drop. Also when i have ordered from them i get it within 3 days.

Good point, you might as well upgrade it since its got to be replaced anyhow.

As far as I know the manual and auto will be different. As will 2.5L vs 4.0L. Ive bent mine up too many times, just take it off and run over it with something heavy/hit it with a sledge hammer/stick it between something and jack it back into shape!

i think the only difference is the Rubi has a mount for the locker pump. upgrade or like ryan said, flatten it out and deal with it later.

So that’s what happened. You still did better then everyone who bailed out. :laughing:

Yup - plate is pushing the transmission up, and the clutch doesn’t really want to go into 1st or 3rd. Main issue being the unbelievable rattle (which no one believed me about! I felt it the moment it happened!!)

up untill 04 i beleve the manual trans is still the NV 3550 for both the rubi and below, in 05 it went to the 6-speed NSG370 manual or the 4-speed 42RLE automatic all the way till the jk (if the rubi even came with an auto.
Try swapping the skid out first (if its dented up (or a trans drop should work too.)

a friend of mine is doing an engine swap in a 99 tj, of which the tcase skid has been removed and is in really good shape, im sure i could grab that for you if it would work

Already got one. But thank you!!