Buying a locker

Ok im looking to invest in a locker for my Dana 30. I have done some research and listened to alot of advice over the last few months from the club members and i’m actually thinking about going a different direction. Since I do alot of driving and do plan to use my Jeep regularly driving in the snow I’m thinking about getting the Auburn Gear 545017 ECTED Electrically Activated Dana 30 Locker. I know this isnt a true locker like the Aussie so I know it wont be as good but I think it will certainly help me alot on the trail and not hinder me as a daily driver. Since the ECTED is electronically controlled, it is capable of instantaneous engagement and can be deactivated at any point in time with the flip of a switch inside the vehicle. The ECTED defaults to a limited slip type differential that’s suitable for daily driving and provides greater traction on moderate off road situations

that is a full case locker that will require the gears to be set up.

First, the Ected IS a true locker!!! It does use clutches instead of dog gears but when you flip the switch it will lock just as tight as any other locker such as ARB, Aussie, Detroit, etc, etc.

Over time, the clutches will wear and might start slipping but other types of lockers also wear. The Ected should be fine for your purposes.

Trust me, based on how you use your rig a selectable locker in the front will be MUCH MUCH better than an automatic locker such as Aussie, Lock-Rite, etc.

Note that you will still need to have the gears set up since the carrier will be replaced but its well worth it.

Thanks for the feedback. For how I use my jeep I figured I could get more out of this locker than others. I didnt know about having to set up the gears… So I should probably find a shop to do that work it sounds like. Im at 3.73 now if i’m regearing should I look to have the rear and fromt both done at 4.10 while i’m having the work done? will I notice much of a difference between the 3.73 and 4.10


With the Low Output and 32’s-33’s you might as well go with 4.56’s.

i know that u are planning to do the 8.8 swap. i would not regear till u do the swap. theres no point in paying to regear the rear if ur going to swap it out later