Bumper/ Tire Carrier

well might as well post a topic in here

I just received my Bumper/ Tire Carrier. it came bare steel. does anybody have any experience with priming and painting. I bought primer and flat black Rustoleum. from what i’ve read i guess i still have to wet sand the steel prior to applying the primer? what is usually used to do this. i have no air tools but i do have a rechargeable drill and wire brush attachments, is that alright? i was gonna use steel wool on the tighter areas is that enough to help with the adhesion? should i Rhino Line or equivalent it instead of painting it flat black?

when jonnyri did my bumper we cleaned it off nice nice and put some kind of solvent on it to make the primer stick good. then primed it and used advance auto brnad bedliner to paint it. It came out great.

You don’t have to sand the bare steel unless you want to. You DO have to use a solution called “Prepsall”. It’ll remove any oily residue from the steel whether it’s machine oil or oil from your hands from handling it. I have some here if you can come by.

Nice looking unit! It looks to be completely rust-free so no need for any sanding.

I cleaned off my rock sliders using lacquer thinner and then directly painted with some Krylon Rust Tough which claimed on the can that no primer was required. What a mistake! After one winter nearly all the paint is gone and replaced by rust. Whatever you do, don’t use this junk.

You might consider Herculiner. I just bought some at Wally World for like $15.

Nice little setup…

Don’t mean to hijack your thread but… :smiley:

They have Herc at Wally World? Gallon or Quarts?

15 bucks isn’t bad. everything i’ve read basically comes down to prep work. i’m just not sure if i want to go with the bedliner look… i kind of just want to keep it flat, but i guess it’s more durable. can you hurculine over paint?

i’ll def. take you up on that offer Paul, we can make a trade. i love the bater system.

it’s been sitting for a couple days so i’ll def need to sand it a little so i’ll give it all a rub down…

You can Herc over paint, basic scuff up and it goes on. The stuff jonnyb78 used looked more friendly than Herculiner, that stuff is pretty thick, great for tubs but it may be too textured for a bumper. Have to check in with him, I can’t remember the name…

Yes, its a quart.

Continuing w/ the hijack, I was planning to use it on my axles. Good idea?

i would say it’s better than paint but i don’t know if i’d go over any bolts or anything like that it’ll be tough to get them off.

i used the duraliner which is a knock off brand but its the same basic stuff. to me i think it looks great. it does have a very textured look to it but thats the look i was going for. i had to grind a little to fix up some shotty welds but other than that theres really no need to sands bare metal unless you have surface rust. looks like you dont. my best advice is spend a lot of time prepping and you wont have any problems.

thats a nice bumber, where did you get it and how much?

on ebay from a guy in CA. total shipped was $420. i like it! real heavy duty. i can send you the link to him if you want. real nice guy and if you have anything you want added on he’ll do it for an extra buck or 2 nothing unreasonable. I’ll probably get my front bumper from him when i’m ready.