BUmper Build

finally came up with the plans for my front Bumper, working on the plans for my rear before I start

There gonna be fabricated out of 3/16 diamond plate

edit 4/18/2010
just cut the major pieces to width, need to make my template for shape & cut them to length, clean every thing up a bit then weld her up :smiley:

EDIT 4/25/2010
All cut up, just need a new 1/2 inch drill bit so i can drill out the mounting holes. & weld it up
here’s a shot all staged

EDIT 5/9/2010
Welded up the bulk of it between yesterday & today, just need to cut & weld the end caps, fill in some holidays Finnish grinding than make the stinger. :smiling_imp:

EDIT 6/5/2010

Done :smiley:


I would try to find some round tube for the stinger.

first post updated
That’s the plan, dont know where im gonna get it yet though

I am building my own too and have some extra angle iron if you need some let me know

first post updated
don’t think i am going to need any angle iron for this one but thanks.
I dont suppose any one has an unmounted winch i can use to mark out holes for that
so that i can prep for that while I’m @ it

I have a template for the winch holes. Superwinch also has the dimensions listed on their website:


if there pretty much universal can i use the template please?

AFAIK all winches in the 6k-10k range are standardized on a 10" x 4.5" pattern. The Superwinch site lists the dimensions as 10" x 4.49". Maybe check the Warn and Smittybuilt sites to double check. My bumper came pre-drilled at 10" x 4.5".

the bumper looks good, id wait to drill the holes for the winch untill you get it, better safe than sorry… you gonne have to remove the bumper to install the winch most likely anyways.

also if your going to do a stinger, i would us DOM if you actually want it to be functional

i know i am going to have to remove the bumper to install the winch but I want to drill it out now while i can use my drill press as opposed to having to use a hand held.
the stinger is more or less for added winch protection so i don’t know about that yet
BTW there all 10 x 4.5 bolt pattern

i heard that, i looooooove drill presses :sunglasses:

1st post updated, I opted to wait till i actually get a winch before drilling out the holes.

1st post updated
DONE & Mounted

Cool. Now just need to test it.

nice work, Jeff. Looks great!

looks real good Jeff :sunglasses: