bumper and winch

I’m looking at the quadrapac set with the highrock bumper, Q1100 winch , with grill guard and d rings, I looked at the Superwinch but saw this bumper, instead of adding just a plate to the stock bumper. plus the winch is 1100 rated. anyone got any comments or opinions, its my first jeep so I’m a little new at this

rated for 1100K or 11000K? a big bumper will add significant weight to the front of your Jeep almost negating any lift you have on plus the winch your looking at adding 200-300 pounds. i would try to keep it as simple as possible. Jeff has a quick write up/pictures of the bumper he made which i think i’ll do something similar with mine. right now i’m just running the stock bumper and a winch plate. And i’ve seen good reviews on the Q winch but dont know anyone that has one.