Budget Boost

I seem to be a thread killer around these parts, but I’m gonna try it again… :smiley:

Is there any brand/manufacurer of budget boost that is better than others, like RE to Teraflex? Does the price difference represent those qualities? What should we look for when comparing? Is a BB an easy thing to install on a tech day?

I know, I know, here she goes again… :blush: I know I can look on other forums for the answer probably but I though I would try “my guys” first!


when i had my jk, be for i rolled her, i was thinking about getting the teraflex 2.5" bb. you can get it with lift shocks or with OEM shock extenders. i’ve read alot of goot things about them on the jk-forum.com jk-forum.com/showthread.php?t=4322

heres the write up project-jk.com/index.php/?p=137

and that’ll get ya high enough to run some 35" meats

with the BB it all breaks down to the shocks, since all your doing is insaling spacer pucks.
It is a wicked easy install

Unless you break one of the shock bolts in the rear (at least on my TJ)

I did that 2 weeks ago when i put my new ones in, lol 1 on each rear. Had to drill’em out & put in new grade 8 ones

it’s true, it’s all about the shocks. i just changed mine to a set of used Old Man Emu’s and the ride quality over “little” bumps in the road is worth it. but you have to look at what else is going to need to be changed if anything, one thing i would suggest is a upgraded steering stabilizer. as far as brands… RE has a great reputation but are moderately priced. i just researched the crap out of the manufacturers i liked and ended up buying used shocks with ProComp springs for 225. i’m happy

You guys are looking at a BB. What lift are you looking to acheive? What extra weight? What are you doing for tires? Is this a long or short term solution for lift?

As far as the brands. They are all the same when it comes to spring spacers. All you need is the spacers and either shocks are shock spacers. If you go for shocks… I’d recomend the Bilstiens. They are pricey… but, worth every penny. The higher you go with the spacers, the more you will need adjusable track bars or at least track bar brackets. Running a track bar bracket in the front will create bump steer. So, I would recomend an adj. track bar up front.

Just to through a wrench in your plan… Jeep now sells a 2" spring kit for the JK over the parts counter. It is an all inclusive kit made by Superlift. It would be covered by your factory warranty for the 3/36000. Lifting these JK’s is really easy stuff. If you need help… just let me know… we can lift it in an hour or so in my driveway.

I am just realizing now that my mod to my rear shock mounts that I posted on the old OSJ aren’t on here. I would highly recomend doing this mod when you lift your jeep. Those rear spring perches hang down way too far. We can hook you up with the rear spring mount relocation and sliders/ re-enforcements for your lower control arm mounts both front and rear. I will re-post my mod to the tech section soon.