Buckwheat needs a new home with lots of room to roam :'(

98 Cherokee SE 2dr, 4.0, AX15, 231, HP30 front and XJ44 rear, 3.55 gears. Has 130k on it. Runs excellent. It’s got scrapes and trail rash. Drivers door is pretty banged up and drivers rocker is non existent. Otherwise the truck is really rust free. It’s got full skids front, center, and rear. Has a snorkel, riddler front and rear covers, 44 has zj brakes and raised shock mounts, custom rear tire carrier bumper with side protection for cut corners. 33 inch Goodyear MTRs with about half lift left. Spare is a bfg MT that is good for just a spare. The MTRs have been cut with a tire cutter and work unbelievable great. Has a Rough Country 3 inch lift with 1.5 spacers up front and a bastard pack out back and from aftermarket HD S10 leaves. Just had the full exhaust system redone from the manifold back including new muffler, cat and o2 sensor.

Needs driver front wheel bearing and I believe new axle tube seals all the way around. The check engine light is on the code had something to do with the o2 sensor. maybe I didn’t wire it correctly?

I wasn’t going to post her just yet because I plan on wheeling or at least taking her up to Gretchens but the last thing I want is to be scrambling to sell her the week I move.

I need to get at least $2500 for her, I’d like to get more since the exhaust cost me like $500 for everything but meh lol.

Hey bro, I already told ya I have cash wtg…just bring it over…whenever your ready, I’ll even give you a ride home if you need one…

Would you be cool with waiting till the first or second week of August?

Even better, come to the camp-n-wheel and try out your new rig!!!

That’s fine, as long as you dont kill it first…lol…let me know when your ready, I sent you my number on Facebook…

And, Eric, I’d love too, but cant make it this year…Hoping next year will be a different story…

If I wheel when I go it’ll be easy stuff. I can’t afford for her value to go down because I break something lol.