Bucket truck?

Does anybody have access to a bucket truck? I was trimming the trees around my house and noticed this:


If it falls it will land on the hood of my Jeep and the stern of my boat and probably total both. Its that big. No chance to just clear the driveway and let it go because it would take out the fence. Plus I don’t like operating chain saws from a ladder 20 feet off the ground.

Any other ideas? I will call a tree service if necessary but those guys are probably looking at $500 just to show up.

So nobody has a bucket truck? What about a scissor lift? Or one of those chainsaws on a 15’ pole?

I’ll stand on a ladder and cut it down for you.

Climb the tree?

Not me! I’m going to let Derick do it.

I’ll swing by soon

No rush. I’m going to be in Vegas this weekend plus I should take at least one stretch of fence down. I moved the vehicles out of the way. With luck it will just fall by itself. I was hoping yesterday’s wind would do it but no luck.

Vegas? Work related or for fun?

Fun. Judas Priest concert at the Hard Rock.

Nice!!! Let me see if one of my friends is a promoter for that. When do you leave?

call alex. he might have a chain saw with a 30 ft blade. if not he is crazy enough to do it

I have talked to him. Problem is that I’m not crazy enough to let him do it.

just give me a couple more days. i’ll bring my work harness and climb up on a ladder and cut it down.