broken yoke

Can I change the yoke on my rear diff without having a problem with backlash ?

you should be able to. its 2 pieces held together with a bolt

The tough part is making sure you re-torque the nut holding the yoke on to the same point.

Mark the bolt and center of threads with some paint and count the turns as it comes off. Recount the turns back on to the same number and try to get the paint marks to line back up.

The torque on the bolt is what determines pinion preload. Too tight (especially) and you will quickly smoke the bearings. Cookies method will get you in the zone and is probably good enough. Another method that is a slight improvement but does require removal of the axle shafts:

1.) Remove axle shafts but leave carrier installed.
2.) Before removing pinion nut, use an inch-pound torque wrench to measure torque required to spin pinion and carrier.
3.) Remove pinion nut and replace yoke.
4.) Hold the carrier and torque the pinion nut to about 180 ft-lbs.
5.) Let the carrier go and measure inch-pounds required to turn pinion and carrier.
6.) Repeat 4-5 until it takes the previously measured inch-pounds to turn the pinion.

Ok . Thanks guys … going to attempt it … think I’m getting yoke with u bolts or drilling the extra one I have does drilling holes out leave enough material to be strong enough ?

You would basically just be drilling out the threads. Shouldn’t be any problem strength-wise. You have a drill press? Pretty sure I have some extra yokes but you will probably have it fixed by the time I find them.

I highly recommend the yoke with the u-bolts

I have spare yoke someplace also just where ? Lol. And access to press Eric ill let you know about yoke thanks