broke motor mount off block

So driving down street and boom! Motor mount broke broke all 3 bolts that go to block gonna have to easy out them out just don’t got enough of bolt left to know the size to get gonna get grade 8 but need to know size if anyone would be willing to tell me the size would help a lot it is the pass side mount on a 95 cherokee 4.0 the one on the block thanks got to get it done this weekend need it for work this sunday

take a bolt of the drivers side for sizing up

Ill try did not know if they were different lengths but if anyone knows or can lend a hand Sunday let me know thanks

If you want to keep it from happening again —>

You should be fine just to replace the bolts. Its common for the 95 to break them.
From what i have seen they are the same size bolts. I would go with grade 8 or higher bolts.

Ya looked at it looks nicie got to get the money guess the sye will have to wait

Just got to find a easyout set to use tomorrow and figure out how to use them never used a set before. Got new bolts allready just going to put stock on for now till I get the new one… anyone have a set I can use or that would be wjilling to help tomorrow ill buy the beer??

Here is a pic any sugestions??

If you get your hands on an easy out, let me know. I have 1 or 2 zerk fittings that broke off and need to be removed lol

I cant see your pic but is there enuf of the bolts sticking out you could plug weld a nut on the end of the bolt? Then use a wrench to turn them out…

looks like you might be able to

Looks like heat and vice grips might do the trick. . .

Thanks for all the help let you know how it goes and hope to make it to next meetin.g and ru.n let. Me know again when they are when u get a min.
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Check the events forum. There is always something going on.

So got new bolts in ans riding fine for now but does anyone know of a good bracket like brown dog but not the much $ let me know if not gonna have to go with them just seeing what’s out there