Brand New Poison Spyder Winch Fairlead Mount

So Poison Spyder sent me two Winch Fairlead Mounts, and only paid for one. They are 55 bucks plus Shipping, ill take 45 :laughing:, i give it away but since the government isn’t paying me I could use the cash … 57-010.htm

i might take it. i need to see if it’ll work

Let me know D

Still for sale 40 bucks??? Anyone Anyone

What kind of winch will it fit?

Most winches share the same bolt pattern.

I suppose I’ll take it :slight_smile: if no one else has claimed
It. And this is what I need to mount the winch correct, new to the whe
Jeep thing.

Will it fit a
4 bolt pattern 4.5 by 10

Yes, that is the standard bolt pattern for Superwinch, Warn, and just about every other winch designed for 4x4 applications.

Note that this part is just for mounting the fairlead and may not be everything needed to mount a winch. If you have a Wrangler then you might still need a winch plate. Cherokees and Grand Cherokees will need a winch bumper.

Okay! Great, I will take it.

Sorry its sold forgot to update this