I seem to have misplaced the 2 bolts that are used to mount the Crank sensor to the bell housing on the jeep. Does any one happen to know what size and thread they may be? I have asked Jeff at crown, I called the parts dept @ metro, asked at advanced no one seems to know.

try Bald Hills parts dept.

IIRC its a “shoulder Bolt”, meaning the un-threaded portion of larger than the thread, to help properly locate the sensor. If you use a standard 7mm bolt (which is hwat comes up on a search), the sensor could be off a couple mm’s, which may screw up timing a bit.

If you ask for Jeff in the Parts Dept at Metro, he can help you.

Just have him order the bolts from Chrysler. Then you will have the right ones. He hasn’t failed me yet with all the stock replacment oddball hardware I’ve asked him for. They aren’t really that expensive either. I think I paid like $4 for a pair of shock mount bolts and nuts in metric grade 10.9.