Body lift

Got a friend who wants to install a 2" body lift on a tj. Has anyone done one? Just curious as to what I’m up against.

why would he want to do that? it should be fairly easy though. the front one around the engine compartment are the tougher ones. hey if he wants some 1" lift motor mounts, i have a set i need to get rid of

I told him not to do it but he says he wants to run 35" tires. He’s got 4" of suspension lift already.

if he already has 4" of lift he can run 35’s. i have a 3.5" and run 34 LTB’s offroad with minimal rubbing. tell him to just wheel it. worse case he has to extend his bumpstops to limit wheel travel and it will look a hell of a lot better than running a 2" body lift.

i would recommend putting the tires on first then figure out if he still wants the body lift

What Derick said. Plus he can do tube fenders.

Ricky is running 37’s on like 3.5" of lift.