Bllod Drive??

I was thinking (gets me in trouble some times), Would any one be up for
sponsoring a blood drive, or maybe just all getting to gether & hitting up one of the already schedualed ones, or heading to one of the centers

I think that sounds like a nice idea. I’ve never done it before, but I hear they give you cookies afterwards. :wink: :smiley:

any one alse

I know of a bone marrow drive on March 26th(I think) - if anyone is interested. No marrow is taken, they swab your cheek. It’s for a baby. Not 100% on all details, but if you’re interested, I’ll get more details. Giving blood is really easy and saves lives! Stacey, just remember to drink lots of water the night before so your blood flows faster. Coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you - then your blood will take forever to fill the bags! Either way, I’m in!

I would like this to be an open/club event. but thats up to the bod, caravan to line up stack jeeps. get some photos, get a press realease to the papers

If you wish to get some people together on go to a local center I think that’s cool. Unfortunately I’m all set with needles so I’d have to pass. Anyone that wishes to get involved and go, can post it here and you guys can work out the details, if I can help out in any way let me know though.

Oh, no events with spiders either. :laughing:

Ok ill make the calls & get every thing set up & re-post with a date.

How do you feel about snakes?? :mrgreen:

I’m out if there are snakes!!! :confused:

LOL, you see an author with a name like “Sarge” and you think to youself, Man, that guy is afraid of a snake?

Then suddenly you realize…Lisa is on the forum again!!!

Good to have you two back!!!

It’s good to be back Paul! It’s true…I’m afraid of snakes…yyyyuuuukkkk! Yep…I’m the sissy, not the “real” Sarge! I’m still in for the blood drive, minus the snakes!

Just an fyi update, Tuesday i am going to talt to them @ the warwick blood bank about this (took the day off to do this & go to the doc wich are in the same building).
have a good day :mrgreen:

I spoke to some one at the blood center today, so the ball is rolling.
I have a meeting with a rep & the landlord from the blood center in warwick (the one near the warwick mall) to finalize , set a date & see if we can stack Jeeps :mrgreen:
They plan them 3 months in advance so this will be some time in june, & i am planing it for a sunday so less work & more people.

Also can who ever has some, e mail me some pics of stacked jeeps please so i can show them what i am talking about

Thank you

Good work, jeff. Thanks for taking this on.

i’ve never given blood but i guess i could give it a shot

Thanks Stacry,
Nither have I, The donor coach comes by the yard twice a year & i just dont do it, not realy sure why.
It’s a great thing to do & something the whole clube can get involved with
Plus its just another reason to hang out & have some fun

Meeting Postponed till 4/1 :frowning:

Just an FYI: My church in Scituate has a blood drive every Good Friday. It’s April 10th from 8am to 12 noon.

Had my meeting today, We have a tentative date of 7/5 which is aperently a great day to donate due to the holiday & the 5 day shelf life of platelets.
Any way It looks like its a go for the jeep stacking, Also if we get landlords aproval & some one to donate some burgers & dogs, we can bbq for like the first 50-100 people

giving blood is fun!.. i just dont like it when the vampires start calling all the time for blood. i donate when ever the drives come around to school