Bigger tires ! Please. !!!!

I’m looking for bigger tires for my jeep! 06 unlimited! I have stock tires and rims/wheels. I need bigger tires before I put on my body lift! Will trade /sell my stock.

My son has a set of 44X19.5-16 Super Swampers if you’re interested? :laughing: Might need a really big body lift though

Will they work if I have a 3 inch suspension lift and a three inch body lift ? I’m totally confused when it comes to buying tires??

I’ll just come out and say it, 3" of body lift is way to much. It will weaken the body mounts and could catastrophically fail in an accident. If your’e going for a body lift stay under 2" With a 3" suspension lift and 2" body lift you can fit 33s no problem - CJ (From Palmer)

IMO. anything over 1" is too much.

I have a 3" body lift on my Grand Cherokee. :mrgreen:

i would tend to agree, anything over 1" body lift on a wrangler is too much. there are better ways to clean big tires. all you need is 2" of suspension lift and some bumpstops to run 33’s. not much bigger you need to go unless you are 1 toning it

I agree with the advice above.

Get the wheels/tires you want/can afford/are available and then
lift as necessary.

In general you want suspension lift and then IF needed body
lift for tire clearance and aesthetics.

If you are going 32’s or 33’s probably start with the 2" suspension lift.

I thought the about similar things. But my jeep unusually sits really low. Even with my suspension lift already on. My sister jeep same year same model is a lot higher than mine. And Hers is completely stock.

your springs are probably shot

I actually just bought them recently when I did my suspension lift. So there actually new and in great condition.

I feel like everyone in this forum is really negative. I never have positive feed back.

just trying to figure out why your jeep with a 2"spring lift is lower then your sisters with no lift. with out looking at it.

its better to be lower but if you want to run something bigger its your choice. we’re just letting you know what our experiences are.

Your best bet if your looking for advice, is to come to our Tech day this sunday, Its a bit of a ride from you, but a lot of us will be there and be able to take a look and lend some advice.

I figured i would chime in.
The people in this club are very knowlegable about Jeeps. It may seem as though you are receiving negative feedback, however this is written text, and in person you would see that no one here is judging anyone else or building themselves up, they are just bestowing their experience derived over years of trial and error.

Be patient.

I’m sorry if I came off as negative, This club is anything but negative. Are you planning on attending Great American Jeep Rally or the pig roast? My jeep is currently lifted 2" on 33" and it gets around alright. My jeep is def. on the smaller size. If you need a hand finding parts or tires let me know, I’m pretty local to you (mystic) and I’m pretty good at finding used parts.

another think to keep in mind, unless you plan on upgrading your axels anything about 33’s you be looking for trouble

Its called humor. No worries. :mrgreen: