Big River - Earth Day Clean-up Saturday April 20, 2013

West Greenwich Conservation Commission - Earth Day Clean-up Saturday April 20, 2013

Meeting location: 8:30 at the 6A Park & Ride. (Exit 6A off Rt 95 in RI)

The West Greenwich Conservation Commission puts this on every year. NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association) is a HUGE part of this clean-up. Some of us from OSJ went to this clean-up last year with SSW and NEXTERA. It is a HUGE undertaking going on out there. The organization running it does a very nice job. The 4x4s bring a new ability to go after things out in the woods that are not accessible by street vehicles. Last year we filled pick-up truck beds, utility trailers, and the back of Jeeps with Tires, construction debris, and garbage. We finished off with collecting an a large pile of Steel panels from deep in the woods. John brought the steel to a scrap yard and donated the proceeds in the name of the 4x4 clubs to the West Greenwich Conservation Commission. We will be there with other 4x4 clubs again this year.

The clean-up runs from early morning till lunch time. A hot lunch is provided. After lunch, the NEMBA guys go out Mountain Biking. If anyone is into the Mountain Biking thing, there will be lots of people biking.

This is 5 Minutes from my house. After this is done we can go back to my place fire up the grill and enjoy some refreshments! Bring the family

i’ll be there. should we try to find a generator to run some cutting tools?

Probably. And we still need to find that other vehicle. Weekends between now and the clean-up are somewhat tight for me but I could possibly do something early morning or evening after work.

Also, lunch will be provided following the clean-up. Most likely it will be at the nearby Mishnock Barn which conveniently enough has a bar. A donation was made on behalf of OSJ to support the clean-up and lunch.

i have a generator

i’ll bring my grinder, cutoff wheels and a sawzall

We might need an ATV.

I can get one. 2wd tho

I’ll be there, and I have a pickup truck now too with a 8ft bed, the jeep has a younger brother now lol…

I have a two wheel drive one

I’m hoping to be there again.

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I would love to get involved and help out! Do you have to be a member already?

nope, but the event does count towards membership requirements of attending at least 3 events prior to membership vote it.

Do we just show up?

There is another thread about this in the events section. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2813. For the most part we just show up at the meeting location and then all drive to the cleanup site

am i still bringing my generator, if so i need to get it loaded tomorrow night…for it is quite heavy

Yes. See the “other” big river thread.

totally forgot about this, till I saw pics on Facebook. :unamused: sorry. :blush:

Except for Mike’s foot getting run over it was another successful day. Pics to come soon.

A Big THANK YOU to everyone that came out today. it was another successful Big River Clean-Up day. below is a link to some of NEMBA’s photos.

It was Great seeing everyone today.
a fun day cleaning up in the woods.
Ernie :mrgreen: