Big River Clean Up - Sign Up

Just to help Jon get an idea of who is attending this event. Open to anyone and everyone that wants to help out.

Event Info:
Saturday April 25th, 8:30 am, Park and Ride at exit 6a (Hopkins Hill Rd) of 95 in West Greenwich RI.

  1. jonnyri
  2. JayK and Mary
  3. derickw
  4. staceyface1
  5. buckmaster
  6. technohead
  7. 90yj
  8. mgmavant +
  9. rl139 +

i’m going to the Sox/Yankee game the day before so i might not be able to make it for 8:30. i’m guessing this is a all day thing so if it’s alright, i’ll show up a little late :sunglasses:

Definitely one of us will be there. I got put on the schedule to work after I had requested the day off, so I’m not sure If I need to cough call in cough sick… Put Mike down and maybe me. Thanks. Oh, and we will bring the Dakota for trips to the metal yard.

Count me in as a maybe, may have to help my friend out, will know for sure on Friday.

Saturday is my daughters birthday and I’m not completely sure what is going on. I think she and her mother will be going to get her drivers permit in the morning but I should be available until noon or so. Count me in. -Eric

I’m going to try to make this, if I do, I’ll bring my truck. Also, I have the car trailer if need be. I’ll know better as the weekend approaches.

I’m planning on being there with my kids (5, 3 and 2 years old). We can only stick around until about 1100 because the kids have other places to be for the day.


Great way to set an example for your kids! I’ve got an 11 year old who always comments on trash after he and I have spent a few days cleaning up the woods.

I have been waiting to see if I can make this, but I just have too much to do this weekend, sorry, have fun!

Cant make it i have a fishing tournament Saterday. :frowning:

The Family & I will be there