Big River Clean up 2011

Hi all,
Its almost time for the big river clean up again.

Saturday April 16th : meeting at the Exit 6A (off 95)park & ride at 8:30 AM with lunch following

Followed with the potential for some light to moderate wheeling after.

Post up if you would like to come along and give a hand

1:RL-139 w/ Cub Scout Pack 7 Buttonwoods

I heard the big river Inn closed, did it?

it changed its name, just cant remember the new name

i’ll be there! :sunglasses:

It changed its name to something like “Mike’s Big River Inn” and then closed. At least it was closed Friday night a couple weeks ago when we tried to stop in for a nightcap.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the event this year because I will be down South fishing the gulf.

I’ll be there as long i don’t end up going to N. Carolina that week

It was Mark’s, and I am 99% sure its closed.

Last year they fed us at the fire house. I’m sure they will inform us where to go Sat am.

oh… I’ll be there. I’ll have my small ute trailer again this year. Maybe I’ll remember to bring a tarp with me this time! :sunglasses:

i will be there too

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there with my son and 3 other members of NEXTerra :mrgreen:

I will be there but i am going to be with the cub scouts so please be sure to take a ton of pics and get them to me asap so i can write up the press release and maybe get this one in a paper

I plan to be there with my pick up truck and can bring my 8x12 dump trailer if you think it’ll be helpful.


potentially, they do have dumpsters though but it could lower the number of trips back and forth

We used the trailer to haul the stuff out of the woods last year.

then i would say bring it

Sounds good, I’ll bring it behind my pick up with the 8’ bed, one trip should hold a lot lol

excellent, thanks John

ill be joining in the clean up, just let me know what to bring or should i just bring myself?